Hardware and Software Complex
Polygraph "Finist"
About Finist
The FINIST special program is an integral part of the polygraph complex and provides preparation, conduct, recording (documentation), and decision support based on the results of the psychophysiological study, as well as storage of all materials of the survey.

The Finist program can "dock" with the hardware of other domestic polygraphs (more details).

The hardware part of the complex in the basic configuration is represented by a polygraph
"Polygon". It provides control of the dynamics of physiological processes, auxiliary and additional signals through 14 channels, synchronized with video and audio recording of the interrogation process
Features of the software product
The "Traditional" approach
Provides activities based on the principles of the "classic" polygraph. Allows you to implement instrumental surveys using all known domestic and foreign methods and tests.
Possibility of "docking" with the hardware of other domestic polygraphs.
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Ease of operation
Has a friendly intuitive interface. It does not require significant time expenditures for mastering the existing functionality for both a novice specialist and an experienced polygraph examiner.
The FINIST application software is the result of the creative activity of the creators of the FEMIDA program, which was actively used in the subdivisions of the FSB of the Russian Federation, and is sometimes referred to in the professional community as the "Kalashnikov polygraph machine".
Using an original way of displaying the video sequence (video channel), information panels, and graphs for recording polygrams in the "3D" mode.

A unique method of expert assessment, based on a fragmentary comparison of polygram sections, allows to qualitatively implement any of the existing methods of scoring numerical analysis
Characteristics of the polygraph unit
The sensor unit is equipped with a special connector (DOP-channel) for connecting the additional sensor in dependence on the characteristics of the test conducted (GSR, PCVA, PLE, Movement sensor)

Quick-release cylindrical inputs "Lemo" - 8

Dimensions (HxWxD): 20 x 165 x 104 mm

Weight: 350 g.

Material: thermally hardened D16 aluminum alloy
14 channels for recording physiological parameters
Electrodermal activity. Electrical conductivity of the skin. Galvanic skin reflex

  • Phase component of GSR
  • Tonic component of GSR

Cardiovascular activity

  • Channels of peripheral vasomotor activity:
  • photoplethysmogram;
  • plethysmogram

  • Channel of cardiovascular activity (relative blood pressure)
  • Tachogram

Respiration process. Respiratory activity

  • Chest breathing
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Differential breathing

Motor activity channel

  • General physical activity
  • The activity of facial expressions

External sound registration channel

  • The envelope of acoustic signals of the microphone of the sensor unit
  • PC microphone acoustic signal envelope

Video signal

  • Webcam connected to PC

Audio signal (voice channel)

  • Video sensor microphone (video cameras)
  • PC microphone

Advanced program features
  • Ability to remove the presented stimulus and re-present it (for example, in the event of artifacts)
  • Possibility of setting the reaction recording time
  • High-pass filter function for photoplethysmogram channels
  • The function of changing the scale of the scan when viewing polygrams
  • Processing of recorded signals by more than 70 parameters
  • Creation and storage of personal banks of methods and incentives.
  • Management of physiological indicators channels in the polygram recording mode.
  • Using the mouse manipulator to control the recording of polygrams.
  • Reproduction "of the survey event at any time interval.
  • Recording and storage of video materials of the pre-test conversation.
  • "Through" audio-video recording of the entire survey event.
  • Expert metric (measuring) assessment of polygrams with the calculation of a statistically justified probability of identifying a significant stimulus.
  • Automatic navigation mode when carrying out point and metric expert assessment of polygrams
  • Providing the results of automated and expert calculations in XL format.
  • Storing survey materials in custom directories.

Sensor unit 1 pc
Interface cable 1 pc
Electrodermal activity sensor (GSR) 2 pcs
Breathing sensor (BREATH) 2 pcs
Photoplethysmogram sensor (PCVA) 1 piece
Piezoplethysmogram sensor (PLE) 1 piece
General movement activity sensor 1 pc
Facial expression activity sensor 1 pc
Blood pressure sensor (Cuff) 1 pc
Speech signal sensor (Microphone) 1 pc

Personal computer requirements
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7, 10
Processor 2-core, 3 GHz, IntelCore i3, i5 and higher
Video system 32 MB of RAM.
Give preference to advanced graphics cards based on NVIDIA GeForce
Random access memory of RAM not less than 4 GB
Number of USB connectors at least 3

  • Functionality
Финист пришёл на замену Фемиде Поларг DX 30 70
Финист и полиграф Энергия
Ранговый числовой анализ ФИНИСТ
Метрический экспертный анализ ФИНИСТ
ФИНИСТ. Способы и виды отображаемой информации
Финист. Эффективное воздействие активных веществ
Lead developer

Molchanov Andrey Yurievich
Expert polygraph examiner, scientific vice-rector of the International Academy of Lie Research
In the past, a professional soldier. Has three higher educations -
radio engineering, pedagogical and military. He graduated from higher educational institutions with honors and a gold medal. Author of scientific and methodological publications, monographs, and some software and technical developments.

As an employee of one of the closed main departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he suggested
software of the "Epos" polygraph to create a module for assessing psychoemotional
the state of the respondent. Stress detection was carried out based on the measurement
specific parameter of the radio signal - the duration of the R-R interval, followed by
representing it in the form of a spectrogram. Subsequently, the manufacturer "Epos"
created a separate technical means for the needs of the head office, which was used for
assessing the psycho-emotional stability of employees of special mobile
operational teams, primarily the driver's staff.

In the group of companies "Areopag" he headed the "Polarg" project, within the framework of which, with the direct support of the specialized unit of the FSB of Russia,
production of one of the first commercial polygraphs. By the same period
activities include the creation of a computer system for expert analysis of polygrams
- "Argus", officially registered by "Rospatent". Consulted some polygraph manufacturers on the creation of automatic analysis algorithms.

Is the copyright holder and author of the computer-based adoption support system
decisions based on the results of psychophysiological research - "Foma" (fragmentary
matrix estimate).

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